Undermaxi™ Plus

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What Makes Undermaxi+ so good?

The new and improved Undermaxi+ is one of a kind. It not only pushes in your thighs, butt and tummy (where a glorious muffin top may be), but also gives you the lift in all the right places to create a beautiful hourglass shape. Giving you the ideal figure you always wanted. Also the pads are made of foam, not silicone filling any small imperfections. 

My little secret to always looking great in any outfit!!! 


With the Undermaxi we put comfort and design as our top priority. It is practically seamless and you can wear it all day! It’s not only tucking-in your chubby parts, it is about sculpting your body to give it the perfect curves.

Have you fallen victim to overpriced crappy shapers charging for too much money and delivering exactly the opposite effect? It's not your fault!

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